Jellystreet feature on Pattern Observer

really exciting to see my work featured on the pattern observer blog talking about their great repeats course, The Ultimate Guide to Repeats.

jellystreet feature on pattern observer

Old inspiration!

this is the very first screen print i designed at University whilst studying illustration – i had to do it super quickly but the collage idea has inspired me for my oriental fusion collection, do you ever look back at old work and get inspired?


beautiful summer meadow wedding

I am so excited to finally show you the beautiful project I’ve been working on. A most gorgeous vintage inspired ‘summer meadow’ wedding in Hertfordshire.

see more beautiful summer meadow wedding

flower screen prints

see more flower screen prints

screen prints in Jane Maples

you can now buy my prints at the lovely Jane Maples flower & home shop in Ware, Hertfordshire. here are a couple of pics of my poppy print in the window.